Hands forming a heart over a South African beach sunset symbolising fast food made with love

Pretoria’s Hidden JEMSS: Fusion Fast Food

JEMSS Food and Drink is a new outlet serving fast food in Hatfield, Pretoria. This is the story of how we got started.

My food journey began years ago when I was just a teen from Cape Town. It was my first time stepping out into the big wide world, after receiving a scholarship to study abroad.

Those years I spent completing high school and acquiring my B.Ed. I lived in a student hostel with students from all corners of the world. We would group together to form teams according to our countries for cultural events and each team would then cook traditional meals reflective of their culture and country of origin.

It was through this experience that I developed a taste for distinctive and unique flavours. Lucky for me I had many opportunities to travel in and around the Middle East, which exposed me to all kinds of exotic dishes and flavours – I especially grew fond of Mediterranean and indo-pak cuisine.

The start of a fast food journey

I got married and started a family upon returning to South Africa. We settled down in beautiful Pretoria where I found myself often craving those exotic flavours I had grown accustomed to. I could never find any local food outlet who satisfied that craving.

The idea of opening my own fast food outlet, in Hatfield, originated when I decided to take the local Cape Town cuisine and combine it with exotic flavours. Therefore, Our menu functions as a Cape Town style take-away, which serves popular fast foods but with a fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indo-Pak and Cape Malay flavours.

This venture is close to my heart just like my children, which is why I chose the name JEMSS. I took the first letter of each of my children’s first names to form an acronym.

If you’re looking for a meal to satisfy and not just fill you – come on over to JEMSS :)